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Re: The National Rugby League Thread of 2012

It was a pretty even match and QLD was the better team and deserved the win. I don't think Inglis's try was legal, I think he knocked on. Given QLD was already ahead the try didn't directly change the result in that sense and there were things NSW did that I think were more important in the result.

I thought that the game was gone when Jennings got sin binned for been a complete dickhead, but thankfully the blow out didn't happen, though it seemed to make Uate forget how to mark up with his opposite even after Jennings came back.

I will never understand why mid-game when you're back by 2 that a league captain would go for a risky penalty attempt, in union it makes sense but that's a completely different matter. That was a captaincy failure on Gallen's part and maybe a minor coaching failure that Stuart couldn't get the trainer out there to tell them to go for touch.

NSW looks close to breaking the drought, but stats tell us that given this result it is unlikely to be this year.

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