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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Interesting they have had a complete U-turn about digital copies of the photoshoots now, after GSITG showed it can be done. So the Masters can learn from newbies after all.

Mind you they are charging for it, it was free at that event.
Shamasters has been copying its competition for years. Joiner's always 6-12 months behind what's popular and what everyone else is doing at events. He waits for everyone else to take the risk of trying new things. If those things work, then he does them.

If I wanted to pay for photoshoots at a Shamasters event, I'd give the photographer my own camera and go to my local photography shop and get a 10x8 done instead of waiting for the 5pm scrum. I certainly wouldn't pay over the odds for these instantly printed photos. From what I've seen, the quality is terrible, and the paper doesn't hold Sharpie ink if you get them signed. Given the complete balls up that was GSITG, with its fraudulent advertising, zero admittance queue planning, and little content once you got in, I think the instant photo printers were the only thing Joiner learnt anything about. Although had he not allegedly been kicked out by security, who knows what else he might have found out.
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