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Re: The changes in the Enterprise-D bridge in Generations...

I thought the extra consoles in the "Generations" bridge looked great. Ditto the "Yesterday's Enterprise" one. In fact, I think every variant we ever saw was an improvement on the regular, bland, mostly-empty TNG bridge.

If you really need an in-universe explanation, they simply added more consoles. Maybe those lockers were computer connections for a planned upgrade, which Starfleet took 7 years to implement.

As for what the new consoles do, I dont know what most of the ones at the back did, either! Data sometimes sat at the left one (science), Geordi sometimes on the right (engineering).

IIRC, the reason they didnt have more consoles usually was budgetary - more consoles = more background nobodies to man them.

Oh, and yay on Worf finally getting a chair! Standing there, leant over his panel for a 8 hour shift every day could NOT have been healthy!
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