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Re: TDKR...what if Batman dies???

I love Nolan and all, but I'd prefer Batman to not die. Batman can be anybody, but can anybody be Batman? Bruce has the money, know how and the resources to really pull it off. Batman is a symbol and of course, he could train Robin and pass the torch, but then why not create a new symbol? Batman is unique to Bruce Wayne and in this trilogy, there are specific reasons that make him Batman and not something else. If he does die, I will not flip out as I'm certain Nolan will handle it well, but what I'd rather see is what others have said, I wanna see Bruce get his ass kicked, doubt himself, then rise to the occasion and assume his role as the guardian of Gotham. if there are twists and turns and surprises then I'm cool with that, but I wanna see my hero live.

If this were set in a more fantasy based world, then I'd like to see him die and be brought back through the Lazarus pit, but that will have to be left up to whoever takes over after this.
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