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The changes in the Enterprise-D bridge in Generations...

Has there ever been an explanation given for the changes made to the 1701-D bridge in Generations? An explanation given within the fictional universe, I mean. Has it ever been addressed in a spin-off novel or something? Was there a refit/replacement of the bridge module between the series and the movie?

I know that Set Designer Herman Zimmerman made the claim at the time that they changed it to make it look more cinematic, and that “we hope the viewers see it and say, that’s what I’ve been watching for seven years” or words to that effect. Which seems to imply that the intention behind the change was to try and say, hey, those alterations would have been on the television version if they could have afforded it. But for me, that explanation doesn’t really wash. IMO there were definitely storage lockers (or whatever they were) there on the sides of the bridge for seven seasons, and then suddenly there were all these new bridge terminals.

And on a related note, what were the functions of those new terminals anyway? We all know what each of the back terminals is supposed to represent (Science I, Science II, Engineering, etc), but I can’t imagine what the side terminals were actually supposed to be. What are they for? Or are they simply background set dressing, no more ‘important’ to the grand scheme of things than putting up some curtains?
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