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Re: TDKR...what if Batman dies???

That's kind of how I feel. Except for stories like "Batman R.I.P.," they really haven't shown us Gotham post-Bruce. Even in the case of "Batman R.I.P.," Bruce returned and so did the status quo.

The Dark Knight Returns came closest, with it's ending, but even then, Bruce is still around. And, if you're sadistic enough to read it, The Dark Knight Strikes Back brings him back as Batman.

If Bruce does die, I'd rather not see someone else take up his mantle (though in the trailer, I got the sense that Nolan might be setting up Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character to do that. Nothing concrete, just a feeling I got from the trailer). Given the foreshadowing when Bruce talks to Rachel about when he'll stop being Batman, coupled with his talk with Harvey about dying as a hero and the Romans appointing a soldier to stand guard over the city, I get the sense that Batman's death (should it happen) will ensure peace in Gotham.

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He should go down fighting Malcolm Mcdowell on a bridge.
Bad enough if he dies, but if he also dies under a bridge then that'll suck double.
For some reason, I read that rather quickly and didn't think Generations, but, rather Sherlock and Moriarty. Not sure why, considering Malcolm McDowell only played Moriarty once, and that was in a Tom and Jerry cartoon and Reichenbach Falls is not a bridge. Either way, I can see Bane and Batman plunging to their deaths from a bridge or something, with it being left open to interpretation as to whether or not Bruce survives.

The thing about Batman is that you just know he's going to die in action. I think Clark even says something along those lines in Dark Knight Returns. Superman's story usually ends with him retreating (to his Fortress in Kingdom Come, to space in DC 1,000,000, or to suburban life in Whatever Became of the Man of Tomorrow). I just can't see that happening to Bruce and the likelihood of him surviving into old age is rather small. Aside from the fact that, padded suit or not, someone doing what Bruce is doing in the movies should be dead, Nolan has kept things as "real" as possible. There's no more "real" than having Bruce go out in action.

Not that I necessarily want him to die, but it just seems...inevitable.
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