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Re: TDKR...what if Batman dies???

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For me, the biggest hurdle I have accepting TDKR is the idea that it is a trilogy. To me, Batman simply is. It's not a story like Lord of the Rings where an endpoint (destroy the ring) is defined relatively early in the first part of the trilogy). He might have a "beginning" but to tell his story as if it had a predetermined endpoint is just strange to me. I can perhaps, imagine and endpoint after a culmination of many stories in which is thwarting criminals - so if it was a serious-toned Batman television serial with a series finale that looked the TDKR is looking, I'd be happy, but , to me "Batman" and "Trilogy" don't seem to go together as concepts.
I sort of agree. I sort of always felt the "arc" of this movie franchise would be to establish a "status quo" for Batman and it would end with him being Batman and doing everything we know he'll end up doing to fight for Gotham; and be mostly accepted by the citizenry and officials of the city and being a much needed part of it all.

Doesn't seem like it needs to be "closed story" just the first three chapters for a story we'll never see the remaining chapters of.

If he's smart, he'll leave the Nexus at an earlier point and just arrest Bane in Ten Forward.
Why not go back to when he was a child and save his parents? That could be better for Gotham as a whole and have an untold chain of positive events!
For me, and for many of us, the future is now in the past.
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