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Re: TDKR...what if Batman dies???

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Candidly, if they do kill Bruce/Batman off, even with someone else to take his place, I will be royally pissed about it. Some might see it as balsy, but I think it would be a like dissing the fans. For myself I want my favourite superhero ultimately triumphant over terrific odds and to live on to fight the good fight.
Being a symbol of hope and justice that inspires others to do good is also living on and triumphing over the odds, albeit in a less literal sense.

The decision to have Bruce live or die in and of itself doesn't bother me either way, but it all depends on the execution of it. I trust in Nolan's ability to give Bruce a poignant death after an epic struggle, or to have him live to fight another day.

Live or die, I would prefer to have the film end on a hopeful note for the people of Gotham or for Bruce, either by Batman's sacrifice or the continuation of his life's work in a more mundane way after giving up the Batman persona or turning it over to someone else. Something like Bruce retiring and following in his father's footsteps with a charitable rebuilding/revitalization of Gotham.
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