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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The articulation sucks donkey gonads. That much is certain. 5 points each? What is this, 1979?!?

But as the official release of this set gets closer I guess I'm just trying like hell to be as open-minded as possible even though it can be hard. Luke's hair is just a cheesy throwback to 1980 and his articulation matches. Right now Boba is actually my favorite of the three in this Battle Pack, but I'm under no illusions he's anything really special. I guess part of me is just glad it's the first all-new Boba Fett sculpt in four years even if it has less articulation than a Hershey bar. His paint apps and detailing look pretty good for what collectors are considering a second- or even third-rate action figure, but that's about the extent of it.

Am I wrong or wicked for actually preferring that this Boba doesn't have a removable helmet for once? It seems almost every Boba Fett in the past five years or so has had a removable helmet with very, very few exceptions. That said, this figure as well as Vader are gonna have to look pretty good in person for me to bite on this set.
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