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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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OdoWan says that you can finance purchases of Hot Toys collectibles. That's the only way some collectors can even afford to get any of them. I suppose you could always look into that option and see if it's something practical and affordable for you? I know if I bite the bullet and buy some Hot Toys that that's the route I'm most likely to take. Buying these things outright and in one fell swoop would be a bit too pricey given the hobby I already have.
Indeed. Sideshow Collectibles is Hot Toys US distribution partner. On the Sideshow site is the option to pay in installments for almost every item that they offer. You can even choose the number of payments. Just note that if you don't jump on a preorder right away, that you may have to pay in fewer installments, or wait several months longer to get your figure.
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