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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

^There was still a semblance of it left. As in one or two lines of dialogue right after you chase a fallen Bastila off the Rakata temple roof. I may be wrong but I think a lot of her dialogue was cut. I noticed that in the scene on the Ebon Hawk, just after the revelation that you're really Revan, every companion chimes in with thair view on the matter...everyone except Juhan.

Speaking of in-game romance, is there any worth noting in KotOR 2? I'm playing as a female (obviously) and so far the only possible candidate I've noticed that would even make sense is that ex-Sith trooper/smuggler bloke. Though so far I haven noticed any romance dialogue options. I suppose the blind Sith girl (I forget her name) could be a possibility, but her dialogue tree just goes in circles and I think I've maxed out her approval already.

I don't think Mira is an option given her personality...that plus the fact that she's pretty much a fan service character already, anything else would be overkill. I mean a hot female Mandalorian bounty hunter turned Jedi?! Add bisexual and/or being a Twi'lek to that and the fanboys might just do themselves an injury.
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