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Re: Janeway in the cases of Quinn and Tuvix

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I'll throw in some episodes from other series which some may use to weigh in whether Janeway repected the rights of the individual in keeping with Trek values. I'm curious to see how people think these hold weight for this discussion.

ENT: Similitude (

TOS: The Enemy Within (
Wasn't Sim a complexly different genus and species?
He wasn't even humanoid, he was a bug mimicing a human.
Sim was genetically identical to Trip and had his personality and memories. Once the creature was injected with Tripp's DNA it became an identical clone. My point was that Sim didn't want to die but was forced into it.

Big differences to me are that Sim was created with the sole intent of saving the life of his originator, Sim had only a few days to live anyways, and that Trip wasnt dead yet.

However, as a sentient being and someone who never swore an oath to Starfleet, Sim should have had the right to choose for himself. Also, Archer should never have authorized the procedure in my opinion.
Yea, operating under the belief that Sim would live it's entire lifetime, I have no problem with it being created to save Tucker's life. However, once created, it shouldn't have been prematurely killed in order to harvest from it's genetic materials.
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