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Re: Janeway in the cases of Quinn and Tuvix

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For me, these two situations confirm to me Janeway is consistent, she chooses to restore the original (and salvageable) owners of the bodies. I can't speak to the S6 Ballard case, as I'm only jsut beginning S4 at this point, but, 7of9 and Tuvix, I think she showed consistency
But the Ballard case shows her to be inconsistent with her principle of the original life form taking precidence. Until you're familiar with that situation, you can't properly judge Janeway on this issue.
I have clearly stated my judgement is based upon the episodes I've seen (Up to 4.06 over the last couple weeks. I've seen scattered episodes later during first run, but, don't remember details). I believe I'm perfectly qualified to properly judge her consistency in this area, up to that point.
Yes, I understand that. However, I'm just saying you can't make a complete and impartial judgement without ALL the evidence. I will be curious to see how you view that episode after having had this discussion.
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