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Re: House: Series Finale. "Everybody Dies." Discussion/Spoilers

In a way House was his own Moriarty. He is constantly fighting himself as we saw in this episode. Fight and live or die. Care for people or push them away. The battle is in his mind.

I was expecting this to be a 2 hour finale and was disappointed that the episode wasn't even extended a little bit. It seemed to rushed and used more to showcase all the characters who used to be on the show.

I can see in a way that this was the producers way of killing House and not killing House. He can make a fresh start. He is smart enough to get away with it. I just felt it all happened too much for a last ever episode. The character deserved more. It's good but weak to what they could have done.

They should have planned out the arc sooner, they knew Hugh Laurie didn't want to come back for a 9th season, why wait so long until it's near the end of the season to clarify that the show was ending whether the producers wanted it to or not.
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