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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

52. The Last of the Mohicans (A-)

Michael Mann's rousing (though apparently very unfaithful) adaptation of the iconic work of James Fenimore Cooper (which is so derived from an earlier film version that Mann loved that the earlier screenplay gets co-credited alongside the novel) is gorgeously photographed and flows very fluidly (a little too much so, in a couple of instances, maybe). Daniel Day-Lewis has never looked more like a matinee idol on the big screen, while Madeleine Stowe is gorgeous (albeit variably accented). We've also got two of Hollywood's three standby Old Indian Guys in the same movie (Russell Means and Wes Studi; we're only missing Graham Greene), with Studi really standing out as the villain. It's also notable that the movie lets Means, rather than Day-Lewis, have the final one-on-one battle with the bad guy, though Day-Lewis' character manages some impressively absurd dual-wielding of two muskets. The movie lays on the Prologue to the American Revolution a little thick, though.

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