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Re: House: Series Finale. "Everybody Dies." Discussion/Spoilers

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^ I've thought about the Moriarty thing too. What would his name have been on the show?

Holmes = House
Watson = Wilson
Moriarty = ?
In looking at the etymology of the name, an Anglicization of the full Irish name " Muircheartaigh", it could conceivably be "Murtagh". Or we could deviate from the origins and use the first/last letter trope like "Murray", "Mallory", "Maury", "Morley", to name a few.

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The one thing I never understood: Knowing that House was supposed to be an homage to Sherlock Holmes, and in ALL of the seasons...we've never seen House's Moriarty. Someone of equal cunning and intellect who becomes the bain of his existence. Now, granted, Holmes solved crimes and House...well...didn't. And yeah, we did have Tritter and before that was Vogler, but neither of those guys could really measure up. I think they missed a big opportunity to send this final season out with a bang.
House's Moriarty was Death.
That is a good one - but could be considered a little too abstract for some viewers. That, and, not even House could ever beat Death.

I suppose it could even be House himself - he was already suffering from hallucinations and borderline sociopathy or some such dementia. It is possible that House could have eventually suffered from multiple personality disorder, with another intelligent and dangerous personality manifesting itself. That would have pushed him more into Jekyll/Hyde territory and away from Holmes, though.
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