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Re: House: Series Finale. "Everybody Dies." Discussion/Spoilers

The finale was underwhelming, more fitting for a season than the series. I think I feel that way at least in part because this whole Wilson-cancer thing that set everything in motion felt really rushed and not particularly organic. Also not having any sort of resolution with Cuddy was very unsatisfying. I would have given up all of the half dozen or so cameos for one Cuddy/House scene. Had they used this entire finale season to set the end up, instead of just the last four or six episodes it would have worked better.

I think the conspiracy theories about House planning everything are weak at best, considering the lengthy inner dialogues he was having throughout most of the episode. Also, he had no way of knowing that Foreman and Wilson were going to find him in the burning building, or that the roof was going to collapse at that moment. I think him faking his death was poorly written and overly convenient certainly, but not a conspiracy. It made me smile due to the overt similarity to the Holmes mythos however.

And the final shot of Wilson and House riding off together worked for me, despite not being fully satisfied.
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