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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Almack, an Ensign who served on the NX-01 and nearly froze his buns off.
B is for Barrows, Yeoman Tonia. From TOS.
C is for Colt, Yeoman J.M. Also from TOS.
D is for Darson of the USS Adelphi.
E is for Esteban, Captain J.T. of the USS Grissom.
F is for Finnegan, Jim Kirk's academy nemesis.
G is for Garrovick, captain of the Farragut
H is for Harriman, ineffective Captain of the Enteprise B
I is for Irina Galliulin, who never finished her academy training
J is for Jellico, Captain Edward of the USS Cairo, and---temporarily---the USS Enterprise-D.
K is for Kyle, Lt. and Transporter Chief.
L is for Lieutenant Linda Larson of the Enterprise-D.
M is for Montgomery Scott. Greatest engineer that any starship ever had. Ever.
N is for Nyota Uhura...a talented xenolinguist in any timeline.
O is for O'Brien, Miles Edward.
P is for Peter Preston, Scotty's nephew
Q is for Quadrant
R is for Roberta Lincoln. Terri Garr at her hotest.
S is for Samantha Wildman senior xenobiologist U.S.S. Voyager.
T is for T'Lor, the Tiburonian on Deep Space Nine
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