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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

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Looks like Storm has made her decision early,
I've read that three times now, and I still have no idea why Storm leaves like that. "You said the word 'Phoenix,' so I'm outta here, bub!"
Storm has some sense. Phoenix is a top-tier cosmic entity. If your name isn't Galactus, Eternity, Death, or the Living Tribunal, then you don't stand a chance against her. And among those four the Living tribunal is the only one who is guaranteed a win.

Dr. Strange channeling Eternity might have a chance, but Dr. Strange isn't in top form these days and even if he was you really wouldn't want to be in the same dimension as that fight, much less the same planet.

But really, any plan that involves pissing off someone who can trivially destroy planets is utterly insane. Who the hell signs off on a plan that can be summed up as "do something that will make the planet-killing super-god very angry?"

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Go back further to Bishop blaming the concentration camp he was raised in on Hope.
Which doesn't make the slightest bit of sense since M-Day never happened in the timeline Bishop came from and Hope was never born.

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^Which goes to show just how far Cyclops has fallen that Magneto is even now part of the X-Men.
Magneto's been part of the X-Men off and on since the 70s. He usually joins up during his reasonable phases and does a decent job until something happens to start him on a world conquest kick again.

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The medal of Honour can only be given to an American.

By accepting that medal, Cyclops is suggesting that he is not a utopian or THE Utopian.

I still can't believe that Utopia is just Asteroid M with a new paint job.
The medal of honor is a military decoration. One doesn't need to be a citizen to receive it, but one does need to be a member of the United States armed forces. There are a fair number of foreigners serving in the US Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Army. They're all eligible for the Medal of Horor, assuming that they do something that deserves it.

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