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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

I wonder what QUANTUM is short for?

The trailer looks excellent...I am psyched.

I love the brief shots of the characters. Frankly, I'm particularly fascinated by the shot of M and Bond looking out over a mist-filled countryside. I'd wager it implies a heart-to-heart between them, as M reflects on the impact of the choices she's made....

Especially in this age of class conflict, I suspect a James Bond movie featuring a cabal of rich plutocrats who seek to subvert the world's democracies for their wealth would resonate with many people.
Don't forget: they fake climate-change-related environmental disasters in order to gain control of the world's natural resources...using an environmental activist group as a front.

As Dominic Greene himself noted, "We deal with the Left and the Right." And the films resonate similarly.
"I have been wounded but not yet slain. I shall lie here and bleed awhile. Then I shall rise and fight again."

"Forget it,'s Chinatown."
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