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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

shivkala wrote: View Post
I don't seem to have disliked Daredevil #13 as much as some people around the 'net seemed to. I thought it was an interesting ploy by Matt to settle the whole Omega Drive trouble. I also thought it was a nice counterpoint to last issue, where Matt describes the time he and Foggy became friends and he almost lost after only going in with "90% of a plan." It seems he thought things through this time.
Mike Farley wrote: View Post
I thought DAREDEVIL #13 (and #12) were pretty good. It was that Spider-Man/Punisher team-up before that I didn't really like. Although some of that probably comes from skipping the Spider-Man and Punisher parts of the tale.
I didn't really dislike DD 13. It was alright. As wth the crossover, I was just expecting more than we got. With everything the the Mega-Drive was said to contain I expected a bigger "splash" to the end of the tale. More of a definitive blow struck against Mega-Crime rather than the "who-has-it now" fake-out that we got.

I'm anxious to see the direction that Matt's "vacation" to Latveria will take, and finding out just what, exactly, Foggy found in Matt's desk.
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