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Re: House: Series Finale. "Everybody Dies." Discussion/Spoilers

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About Chase taking House's position... A lot of you thought that he would become the next "House" or wanted to see it happen. Personally, I never saw it.

When Chase got stabbed and starred walking with a cane and then not shaving we assumed he was going to end up like House. Chase flat out said " I don't want to be like you" at the end of an episode

This episode felt more like a season finale written as a series finale.

-Robert Sean Leonard would have left
-House would have to face repercussions for leaving
-Some new patient of the week
-Some joke concerning Chase in House's old office

"Get Out"

" I have to disinfect the whole office. Who knows how many interns Doctor Chase has had on my desk....and on my chair, and on the floor..."
"Inception" is a layer cake.
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