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Re: Avengers Vs. X-Men -- Speculation, Spoilers, and Discussion

Uncanny X-Men 12 was mostly just a deeper look at the battle in Tabula Rasa and the teams that went there. We see a lot more of the Thing/Namor re-match and this gives us our best bit of humor in story so far.

Last issue's Red Hulk/Colossus fight and this issue's Thing/Namor fight both made for better reads than any of the fights in "vs".

Avengers 26 -- OK, so the events in Kree space in Secret Avengers take place before the events happening in Kree space in this issue, and all of it happens before Thor's return to Earth in AvX 4. Confusing much? I can't complain too much as I loved seeing Walt Simonson drawing Thor again. Frankly, I would gladly pay $3.99 just to see Simonson draw 20-pages of Thor sitting at the laundromat waiting for his cape to dry. And I bet the cape would look awesome.

Avengers Academy 30-- Comparisons to Japanese internment camps during WW2 are raised and largely dismissed as the Academy's mutant students feel compelled to choose a side. X-23, in particular, makes a hard choice as she chooses on principle to side with the X-Kids who never really accepted her over the Academy kids who have. Meanwhile, Sebastian Shaw makes his escape.
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