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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Daredevil 13 was a little disappointing. After all of the build-up of the Omega Drive storyline, the finish of it seemed a little rushed and just a little too easy. It makes you wonder why Matt held onto the drive for as long as he did in the first place. The cliffhanger was intertesting though. Who wouldn't want to visit Latervia this time of year?

New Mutants 42 is part three of the "Exiled" crossover with Journey into Mystery. So far, the story has really been more of a NM story than anything else as Loki is still under the spell cast by Sigurd (and ironically, supplied to Sigurd by Loki's previous incarnation). It's fun seeing all of the Asgardians in their new lives in the re-structured reality-- especially Volstagg, who owns a pastry shop that is always out of treats, and is greeted like Norm in "Cheers" at the local pub (owned by Fandral).

Winter Soldier 5-- What more need be said except Bucky, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Dr. Doom written by Brubaker? Winter Soldier continues to be a very solid read that is consistently better than it's sister title, Captain America.
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