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Re: House: Series Finale. "Everybody Dies." Discussion/Spoilers

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Eventually, House being alive would be revealed and he ends up back in prison longer than before. What happened to "I want to change"? I don't see any attempt of that at the end. Actually, the series ending is similiar to the end of last season: House doing something reckless and running away from the consequences of his actions in a temporary state of bliss. That ending I felt was unrealistic and made me hate House than love him or feel sorry for him. I rather the series ending was similiar to that of House Divided, Broken, or Help Me which were all emotionally profound endings to the House character which I felt the series ending didn't match up to.
House reasonably couldn't improve his life from where he was. He was going back to prison for a few months and likely longer if his disappearance was construed as him trying to skip town to avoid incarceration.

You could reasonably argue that House while on the run could go to a non-extradition treaty country and live out his life in some measure of comfort. Granted, I would have been happier if the show just ended with a "life goes on" thing with House and the "status quo" being maintained (he keeps his practice, Wilson is going to live, etc.) but this ending is sort of nice too. Yeah it opens questions up for a "what next?" sort of thing but, eh. Like I said depending on how you want to look at it anything could happen next. As I suggested above, House goes to some remote country and lives out his life being happy, non-miserable, running a bar or something on the beach.

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