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Re: House: Series Finale. "Everybody Dies." Discussion/Spoilers

First off, I love the cameos of past characters in the series finale. Stacy and Nolan were the most surprising. I wasn't fond of Cameron who always seem overly sensitive or hung on an unfulfilled crush on House.

It pissed me off that they didn't show what happened between House curing the patient and House ending up in that building through flashbacks. I would have loved to see what was discussed in the session between House and Nolan.

The twist of House faking his death reminds of Sherlock Holmes doing the same thing which I assume wasn't a coincidence, concerning that the House character was based on the Holmes character. But, though the twist was a bit interesting, it left me wondering what was the point of that. I get that it gives House time to be with Wilson until he dies but what about after that? Eventually, House being alive would be revealed and he ends up back in prison longer than before. What happened to "I want to change"? I don't see any attempt of that at the end. Actually, the series ending is similiar to the end of last season: House doing something reckless and running away from the consequences of his actions in a temporary state of bliss. That ending I felt was unrealistic and made me hate House than love him or feel sorry for him. I rather the series ending was similiar to that of House Divided, Broken, or Help Me which were all emotionally profound endings to the House character which I felt the series ending didn't match up to.
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