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Re: House: Series Finale. "Everybody Dies." Discussion/Spoilers

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I have watched many episodes from the beginning of the series, not when they aired but over several months last year when I was unemployed. I didn't see all of them and stopped watching shortly after the new interns were chosen (13 and the rest) because I found the original interns much more interesting and it was disappointing not having them around full time anymore. I've seen a few later ones here and there.

I will likely tune into the finale tonight, mostly because all my other shows have ended for the season and I have nothing else to watch. It should be interesting.
Not to mince words but given that they're full-fledged doctors they're not "interns" they're in a fellowship so they're fellows.

Anyway, I found the Retrospective good and the final episode was interesting. When it seemed like House was dead it sort-of made sense especially when Wilson began his rant on what an ass House "was." It seemed to fit and to make sense given that House was an ass and all (but, again, I argue that's slightly "re-writing" the character he was in the first season) but when Wilson got the text I laughed as that ending somehow makes even more sense.

It's sad that Wilson is still going to die in a few months (I would have expected a last-minute miracle cure or something) and after that who knows where House will go from there, I'd suspect he'll do some doctoring in another country sort of like Bruce Banner or something.

Cuddy's absence in House's hallucinations/funeral I think sort of stuck-out. She was a major part of the show for most of its run so one would have expected to see her. I'm also a bit disappointed that we didn't hear "You Can't Always Get What You Want" played as that was another of House's sayings/tropes along with "Everybody lies."

For a finale I'd rate it as "Good." I think as show finales go it did things mostly the best to end the show on somewhat of an expected tone and mood and it did it without assassinating a character or doing something stupid or pretty much rendering all of the previous episodes pointless. The season I'd say was Average as it you could feel the show was weighted by the tighter budget, new cast, the storyline(s) they had set them selves up with and by trying "too hard." It had many post-shark jumping moments in it of pure ridiculousness.

The series? I'm going to land on Excellent there, but only in terms of that 5-point scale. Pushed I'd give it 4-1/2 stars, an A-, etc. I think the show lost some footing in season 5 and once House got out of the Asylum I don't think it ever really completely recovered.

House, it's been a good run ad it's sad to see such a good show with such a talented actor sort of cough and wheeze to the finish-line but it was... Fun.

A shame we didn't get to see Cuddy though. I wonder what happened with Lisa Edelstein that made an appearance not come to fruition.
Her and the show's producers must not have left on the best of terms since I don't even think she was asked to come back for the finale. Though she was in the Retrospective.
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