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Re: Janeway in the cases of Quinn and Tuvix

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In the Locutus situation, I would have tried to restore Picard.
So why is it wrong to bring back Tuvok and Neelix?
doesn't Locutus represent new life the same as Tuvix?
Isn't restoring Picard killing Locutus just to restore the being he used to be?
For one, Picard wasn't killed and then his parts used to create a new being. In my mind, after the patterns of Neelix and Tuvok failed to rematerialize and were lost, they were dead. If someone finds a way to restore them, great, I'll try it, but not at the expense of the new sentient life that was created. Furthermore, after weeks passed, they SHOULD have been declared dead, if not lost like all other crewman whose signals have been lost over the past couple hundred years.

To me, that is the main difference between what happens to assimilated crewmen and those lost in transporter accidents. Assimilated being were never really killed, they were brainwashed and enslaved. However, after all the years that Annika was gone, I would consider her dead as she was more Borg than human.

On the flip side, I would want a court martial held for Picard due to his action in FC killing a number of his own crewman, especially the ones who weren't fully assimilated yet.
If Borg are part machine/part organic, then Picards parts are being used to create a new being. How could you be willingly try a way to restore them and not take Tuvix life? That's impossible. If Tuvix exists, then so do the patterns of Tuvok and Neelix.
If over time they both are considered dead, then I still
don't see the difference.

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I'll throw in some episodes from other series which some may use to weigh in whether Janeway repected the rights of the individual in keeping with Trek values. I'm curious to see how people think these hold weight for this discussion.

ENT: Similitude (

TOS: The Enemy Within (
Wasn't Sim a complexly different genus and species?
He wasn't even humanoid, he was a bug mimicing a human.
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