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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Though the question wasn't directed at me, it's a fun one, so I'll chime in:

Number times watched:

TOS - currently watching for the first time (nearly done season 1)... never had much patience for the whole kirk seduces another blond bimbo aspect of the show.... I'll say this though - it's surprising me - there is more depth (in some eps) than I gave it credit for.

TNG - ??? (watched regularly and repeatedly since I was about 11 years old... 1991)... know many of these in my sleep (particularly season 5, which is my personal favourite)

DS9 - I'd guess about 4x straight through? With more repetitions of some episodes... (I still like the earlier seasons (<=5) best, so I've watched them more).

Voy - probably similar - 3-4x, I think? Enough to have some favourite episodes, despite the fact that this series, as a whole, hasn't stayed with me in the same way

Ent - once (awhile back now). I'm still reluctant to call this one canon. (Perhaps petty of me, but I can't quite forgive them for abandoning the orchestral intro... and the characters mostly seemed like sex-toys). But, I vaguely remember being surprised that the last season or so was more watchable than the rest.

Movies - 1-3x each. In my opinion, ST should never have made movies. They all came out as painfully pale inferior imitations of their respective series.
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