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Re: Janeway in the cases of Quinn and Tuvix

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So, I watched Scorpion and The Gift yesterday, and I can't see how anyone coming down of the side of restoring Tuvok and Neelix' lives means murdering Tuvix and is therefore wrong, yet, thinks it was right to murder Seven, in order to restore Annika to life?

Janeway forced the change on Seven, kept her imprisoned and denied her choice, refused to allow her to return to the Borg. Restoring Annika was a far more aggressive action, and Seven had existed for 20 years, Tuvix only for a few weeks (Maybe a couple months?). 7 of 9 had no more choice in being born than Tuvix did, how can you honestly ignore this in her case, but, use it to deride Tuvix' death?

I can't fathom how anyone can come down on opposite sides in both situations. I believe both were the right decision, and it's hypocritical to be in favor of one, but, not the other.
I would actually say taking Seven to resatore Annika was wrong. But there are some differences. Seven had no personality; she was a vessel for the collective mind of the Borg. Tuvix was a definitive seperate person. Seven was a captured and aggressive enemy combatant whereas Tuvix was a friend. I would say once Seven was captured and the Borg defeated, she SHOULD have been left off some where for the Borg to pick up.

But with the Borg there are different perspectives. In the Seven situation, I would have sent her back to the Borg. In the Locutus situation, I would have tried to restore Picard.

My original issue for this thread, though, is does Voyager/Janeway have a double standard for the rights of the individual vs the will/good of the majority.
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