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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
When Shit-In-The-Woods FC plays Manchester United in the FA Cup, you'd expect them to play like that, but as Chelsea in the Champions League final I think it's embarrassing. Have some self-respect for fuck's sake.
Indeed, and it worked well for them too - Manchester United 0, Leeds United 1 as I recall

I agree with the above, though. Congratulations to Chelsea - I watched in a pub in West London (downside to moving to Wimbledon - Chelsea heartland) amongst about 500 Chelsea fans so had little choice but to get behind them! Enjoyed it though, and you just knew they were going to win. If not when Drogba scored, but definitely when Robben blew the penalty.

Abramovich will surely not give di Matteo the job if that's the football he'd be getting. Four English starters by the way - Lampard, Cole, Bertrand and Cahill. Better than the Italian-free Inter side who won in 2010 if nothing else!

Different tack here but this made me smile (sorry if these are your most hated enemies or something, Roger!):
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