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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

Teaser trailer looks excellent. Really hoping that the whole "Country?" "England" thing means the film will have a deeper thematic concern with the ideas of patriotism and nationalism, and how those relate to the sort of violence that marks Bond's world. Casino Royale was really good at exploring that world of covert violence and how it consumes people, but Quantum of Solace didn't really follow up on that, I felt.

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Wow. I'm definitely looking forward to this now. I still hope they follow up on Quantum in another movie, but this one looks excellent.
I hope Quantum continues to be the Craig-era villain organization, yeah. Especially in this age of class conflict, I suspect a James Bond movie featuring a cabal of rich plutocrats who seek to subvert the world's democracies for their wealth would resonate with many people.

(Not gonna lie: Before seeing Quantum of Solace, I was hoping that the then-unnamed organization that had killed Le Chiffre would turn out to be SPECTRE.)
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