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Re: Question for Supernatural fans...

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Allegedly, the female fanbase had some jealousy about anybody coming between them and their boys; I don't know how true that is.
A lot of the female fanbase get upset about anybody coming between the boys.
Bah, what foolishness. Why deep-six a good character over that kind of jealousy? My only complaint about SN season one was almost every woman they ran into seemed to be evil or dead meat.

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it was fan reaction, (fangirls) but also that the love intrest between dean and jo never really worked, it came off as very big brother little sister, to me atleast. also that kripke didnt like the idea of the road house, too much like a perment home for the boys, and ellen and jo do return and have some big storylines in the future seasons.
Even if she hadn't turned into a full-flown love interest (though it was working for me personally) having a younger, eager hunter with them would've been a fun dynamic. And it's not like they've spent that much time at the roadhouse so far, plus it does a nice job expanding the universe to have a place where hunters can come. Ah well, not like I'll stop watching.
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