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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Whoosh. You completely missed the point of my post... I was riffing off of what Abed said at the end of the episode.

Abed: Britta, I'm so sorry.
Britta: It doesn't matter, Abed. I should have never played therapist with you. I'll change my major just one more time.
Abed: But you can't. You cured me. I mean, I'm not cured. I'm willing to admit I definitely need therapy. And you're the only kind of shrink I could ever trust, the one with as little control over my mind as me.
Nope, I completely got that. Then they showed him taking down his imaginarium with the others, showing he's on his way to recovery (because, you know, homicidal tendencies just need therapy to fix).

And THEN, after all that, they show him sneaking into his mini crazy box.

Whoosh. You missed that his words were all "Yeah, I need help" and then his actions were "screw that, let's just murder someone next season."

Alcoholics can say "I need help", but if they're still drinking, it doesn't mean a thing.
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