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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

142. Lemonade Mouth: (✩✩✩) - Live TV - Five high school kids come together by chance and end up forming a successful band. Nothing extraordinary or deep, but not bad for a Disney Channel movie, and Christopher McDonald is always good.

143. Justice League: Doom: (✩✩✩) - On Demand - Vandal Savage uses info hacked from the batcave to bring down the Justice League. A good outing, but not as good as other DC movies I've seen lately.

144. One for the Money: (✩✩) - On Demand - Katherine Heigl stars as a young woman who gets fired from Macy's and takes up work as a bounty hunter. I love Heigl, but this one wasn't very good. It felt like a poorly done failed TV pilot. I can't remember the last time I regretted paying money to see a movie.

145. One Day: (✩✩✩½) - DVD - The story of a couple, that takes place on July 15th of every year from 1987 to the present. Stars Anne Hathaway. I thought this was pretty good. I enjoyed seeing where the characters were as the various years went by and I liked Hathaway's work. I even got over her British accent. It wasn't mind-blowing, but it wasn't your formulaic rom-com either.

146. Red Riding Hood: (✩✩✩) - DVD - A take on Little Red Riding Hood. Stars Amanda Seyfried. The village in winter is visually stunning, the story will keep you engaged and you'll get used to Gary Oldman's performance. He's considered a good actor, and he is, but he's also too easy to pick out even when he tries to alter his appearance and immerse himself into his characters.

147. Hollywoodland: (✩✩✩½) - DVD - The story of a private dick who's trying to find out the truth behind George Reeves' death. Was it murder? Or did he kill himself? The story is also interspersed with flashbacks to Reeves' career as Superman. Stars Adrian Brody and Ben Affleck. Brody was pretty charismatic and it was nice to see Affleck as Superman. The movie also did a good job of making the parts shot in Toronto look like L.A.

148. Whip It: (✩✩✩) - Live TV - A tomboyish girl, who's under pressure from her mother to be a debutant, sneaks out and joins a roller derby. Stars Ellen Page and directed by Drew Barrymore. It was a pretty good watch.

149. The Young Victoria: (✩✩✩½) - Live TV - The story of Queen Victoria, who's seen as too young and inexperienced to lead and finds herself under pressure to take on a regent who will run things on her behalf. Stars Emily Blunt, who plays the queen with class. The movie both dragged and felt a bit rushed, but Blunt managed to kick it up a notch.

150. Trapped: (✩✩✩½) - Live TV - Kidnappers take a rich couple's young girl and hold her until the parents pay up. This one does get a little crazy towards the middle, but otherwise, it's actually a pretty good thriller. It also has a pretty big cast with Charlize Theron and her then real-life boyfriend Stuart Townsend as her husband, along with Dakota Fanning as the kid, and Kevin Bacon and Courtney Love as the kidnappers. I don't know why I never heard of this movie until now.

151. DOA: Dead or Alive: (✩✩✩✩) - DVD - Four girls with different fighting styles compete for money on an island. Thrown in are a few side stories and an evil plot by Eric Roberts. Surprisingly, this is my first 4-star movie of the month. It's not what most people would call a good movie, but when it comes to colorful style & sensationalism, exotic locales, hot chicks, wire fu and fun, this one delivers big time. It starts and never drags. It's brain candy and I enjoyed it as such.

Theatre: 5
DVD/Blu-Ray: 53
Live TV: 64
Recorded TV: 4
On Demand: 23
Internet: 2
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