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Question for Supernatural fans...

So I've started watching the second season (I know, late to the party), and I'm enjoying it so far something like 6 episodes in maybe, and especially liking Ellen and Jo in the mix. So I get to the big reveal about why Ellen got so upset when Jo ran off with the boys and the way the episode ended made me go look up the characters to make sure they'd be back. But what struck me as really weird was reading about negative fan reaction to Jo "intruding" and Kripke's decision to write her off... and that from then on he'd only introduce women as antagonists.

My question is... umm, why? I really like Jo and Ellen, and while I don't really expect them to become more than heavily recurring characters (especially now that I accidentally spoiled myself, haha) they provide a nice addition to the mix. Granted I like larger casts in general. I don't get the negative reaction just because she might've been a love interest, and I really don't get the "we'll only introduce women as antagonists from now on." Is there really a segment of Supernatural fandom that was "Eww... a *girl* hanging out with Sam and Dean?!"
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