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House: Series Finale. "Everybody Dies." Discussion/Spoilers


House treats a drug patient and is forced to examine his own life and confront his personal demons.
House Medical Reviews

Hello, sick people and their loved ones! In the interest of saving time and avoiding a lot of boring chitchat later, I'm Doctor Gregory House; you can call me "Greg." I'm one of three doctors staffing this clinic this morning. This ray of sunshine is Doctor Lisa Cuddy. Doctor Cuddy runs this whole hospital, so unfortunately she's much too busy to deal with you. I am a board-certified diagnostician with a double specialty of infectious disease and nephrology. I am also the only doctor currently employed at this hospital who is forced to be here against his will. But not to worry, because for most of you, this job could be done by a monkey with a bottle of Motrin. Speaking of which, if you're particularly annoying, you may see me reach for this: this is Vicodin. It's mine! You can't have any! And no, I do not have a pain-management problem, I have a pain problem ... But who knows? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm too stoned to tell. So, who wants me?
House, MD ends its eight-season run Monday night with a two-hour finale.

I thought for a series finale it was deserving of its own thread which would also allow us to have a (multiple question) poll.

Between now and when the finale starts (and even during) let's discuss the road this series has been on between here and there. Share favorite quotes and moments.
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