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* ~Vote: DS9 Avatar Contest 164!!

Welcome to the 164th Deep Space 9 avatar contest's voting thread!!

We have 6 entrants total, so you may vote for one avatar per category but not your own. Votes cast that do not follow the rule will be subtracted from the final tally. I'll leave the poll open for 3 days. Have fun!!

This round's themes were:
DS9 episode: Change of Heart
DS9 Theme: colourful aliens
Random Theme: Circus

------ Episode -------------- Theme ------------- Random Theme -----

_ _ ---------------------
Praetor Shinzon

_ _ (named Deranged Nasat in poll! Sorry!)

Gul Re'jal

_ _ ---------------------
Deranged Nasat

_ _
Nerys Ghemor

_ _
Miss Lemon

_ _
"He sings lounges? I'm not familiar with that musical form."
-Taran'atar, DS9-R Mission Gamma 3 --Save Taran'atar!

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