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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

Ben Bova's novel 'Star Brothers' was about nano - technology vastly improving Humans and creating a new and better breed bringing about an alien visitation. Sounds like a euphoric rapture. Certainly different things are gonna happen when you increase man's capacity for thought creatively and otherwise and a machine's ability to be more Human like and interfacing. Control is certainly the key issue. How does one control creativity? It seems the more one tries to control it, the more creative it will become. The only limit would be God herself as she does have the power to turn wise men into fools or the reverse very quickly. Considering she has every hair on your head numbered and all. Very hard to outwit God. Now creating a souless anti-christ sounds alot more likely. Like the fear was in creating a test tube baby or what not. Maybe creativity itself comes from invisible aliens?

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