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Re: Battleship: Spoilers, Discuss, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

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I read a post on another board arguing that the aliens' apparently stupid actions make perfect sense if you assume that:

a) The "attack" was really a crash-landing caused by accidentally clipping a satellite on the way down.

b) The aliens spend most of the film acting in self-defence and are actively working to minimise casualties.

c) The real bad guy is the human protagonist, who continually escalates the situation with his deranged over-reactions, and who only comes out looking like a hero because his actions manage to get his commanding officer killed, leaving no witnesses to the fact that he exceeded his orders and opened fire without authorisation.

Haven't seen the movie, but its an interesting alternate take.
Well the "attack" on Hong Kong was an accident, but how was humanity supposed to know that. As it was nobody said unknown, fire. As I have been suggesting the aliens were following their laws of war, but attack they did even accepting noncombantant casualties to cut the roads to the mountains.

The hero didn't kill his CO. The squadron commander, his older brother ordered a ship to fire a warning shot, which was not recognized as such. And his CO along with the rest of the squadron was lost in the battle which followed.

Its the Navy, they keep logs even if the movie didn't show sailors repeating every order and those SOPs. If something survives the admiralty would do their best to reconstruct the incident.
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