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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Andorians. Their antennae have no honor and are weak!
B is for oBriens BooBs. They are soft and weak!
C is for Cardassian tailors. They'll BS you and get you drunk. Only to plant a bomb in your armor while you're out of it. Klingons hate BS and frilly clothing.
D is for Data's technobabble
E is for El-Aurians. They can read your minds, those sorcerers!
F is for Friday evenings. After a week of glorious battle, blades bathed in the blood of the worthiest foes, they have to go home for the weekend. Boooo!
G is for Gre'thor. Where the dishonoured dead go.
H is for Happy people. Don't trust them!
I is for Ishka - the female who changed Ferengi law
J is for James Tiberius Kirk
K is for Kor, Kang and Koloth. The three wise men of the Empire. Qapla!
L is for Lor
M is for more blood wine!
N is for Narendra III. A dirty planet where the honorless Romulans fought us!
O is for ointments and liquids to heal the sick and injured. Klingons don't carry first aid kits.
P is for petaQpu, where ever they're from
Q is for Qu'vath guy'cha b'aka because swearing in Klingon is awesome.
R is for those dirty, dirty Romulans. Pa'tahQs!
S is for slaughtering the hounorless foe!
T is for Thomas Riker and his cool Klingon goatee
U is for Uttaberries, a weak and soft Betazoid fruit with no warrior's kick!
V is for Victory is life! Because the Jem'Hadar stole our gig.
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