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Re: Battleship: Spoilers, Discuss, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

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I read a post on another board arguing that the aliens' apparently stupid actions make perfect sense if you assume that:

a) The "attack" was really a crash-landing caused by accidentally clipping a satellite on the way down.
One ship crash landed. The others functioned perfectly enough to land safely, blockade an archipelago, sink three ships and debark enough troops to occupy the top of a hill with an entire research base on it. Should we also assume they did all this just to call home for a tow?

b) The aliens spend most of the film acting in self-defence and are actively working to minimise casualties.
Then how do you explain the giant bladed bocce balls they started tossing around into populated cities? Peaceful probes with screwed up guidance systems?

c) The real bad guy is the human protagonist, who continually escalates the situation with his deranged over-reactions, and who only comes out looking like a hero because his actions manage to get his commanding officer killed, leaving no witnesses to the fact that he exceeded his orders and opened fire without authorisation.
"Weapons Tight" means "Do not fire unless attacked," not "Do not fire without permission." All the protagonist did was walk up to the mothership and touch it, and got electrocuted and flung into the ocean for his trouble. That qualifies as an attack, which meant that he had all the authorization he needed to shoot back, and his shipmates had every right to open fire in his defense. No human did anything outside of his authority concerning his or her response to the aliens' actions.

Haven't seen the movie, but its an interesting alternate take.
A while back I got into a low-level argument with someone over the actions of Admiral Ozzel in TESB. His alternate take was that since he didn't want to believe Imperial Officers were stupid, he liked to think that Ozzel was really a Rebel Sympathizer trying to protect the base at Hoth. The problem is that the evidence on the screen says otherwise, that in fact while other Impies may be brilliant, Ozzel was disrespectful (to Vader of all people) and a moron.

As interesting as this alternate take is, what's shown on screen makes it BS. The aliens' actions are just as easily explained by the possibility that the guy with brains died in the crash and his subordinates tried to continue the advance mission without a clear understanding of how to deal with the natives in the meantime.

But alternate takes are fanfiction, not canon. Canon says, they came, they attacked and the protagonists are heroes for stopping them.
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