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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

After the pilot, the network dumbed it down and imposed a more formulaic procedural structure
That's what I meant by the procedural being its roots. Early on, it looked like that was the whole direction for the show. Then it started evolving, just in time to keep me from bailing altogether, because I was getting really bored and impatient last fall.

And if the first episode was "brilliant and innovative," I missed that part. I remember it being competent and reasonably interesting. Grimm has never been particularly brilliant, but it beats most of the crap on broadcast. It still has a ways to go in really capitalizing on its premise, but I'm anticipating 4-5 seasons for them to do that, so it's no problem if they go slow, as long as they go somewhere.

As for Netflix grabbing The Secret Circle, there's no reason it needs to take on a failed CW show when it would be perfectly easy for them to create a supernatural show about teenage witches, and not have to adhere to FCC rules about violence and sexual content. They could create an R-rated series aimed at the same young adult demographic, and have a crucial advantage over their competitors on the CW and ABC Family.

As for Awake, I've just been assuming all along that both Red and Green are equally valid, because if either is only a dream, the story would become untenable after one season or so. Either the secret gets dragged out beyond the patience of the audience, or one reality is rendered irrelevant. Since any American series has to be intended to go on for years, just for financial reasons, they have to plan it that way from the start.
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