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^ I don't recall anything in RPM that explicitely indicates that it's meant to be set in the future other than the fact that Corinth is a domed city. Most of the Corinthian technology is analogous to what we have today, and the flashbacks - which, as noted, take place a year prior to the events of RPM proper - clearly conform to current tech.
Well, it would hardly be the first time that a work of fiction has portrayed the near to midrange future as almost identical to the present -- especially a low-budget production like Power Rangers that can't afford to populate an entire world with futuristic cars, fashions, props, etc. You can find plenty of episodes of shows like The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, or plenty of old B-movies, that are nominally set in the 1980s or 1990s but depict cars and phones and fashions and such that are straight out of the 1950s or '60s. '80s and '90s shows like Max Headroom and RoboCop: The Series were set some distance in the future (the latter was explicitly some distance into the 21st century according to a screen graphic at one point), but they're dated by their use of then-modern tech like big clunky cell phones and computers. More recently, ABC's Defying Gravity was allegedly set in 2052 but its producers made exactly zero effort to make its Earthbound scenes look any different from 2009. For that matter, Power Rangers SPD was explicitly set 20 years in the future, yet as I recall it looked pretty much like the present aside from the occasional alien hanging around.
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