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^ I don't recall anything in RPM that explicitely indicates that it's meant to be set in the future other than the fact that Corinth is a domed city. Most of the Corinthian technology is analogous to what we have today, and the flashbacks - which, as noted, take place a year prior to the events of RPM proper - clearly conform to current tech.

There's nothing saying that the RPM dimension couldn't operate on a different 'time-scale' than the 'mainstream' PRU, but there's also, as far as I remember, nothing that explicitely says that it does.

Regarding the Lost Galaxy timeline/continuity issue, the fault there lies squarely with the writers of Trakeena's Revenge, which, as a narrative story, doesn't make a whole lot of sense and is what I would consider to be the weakest team-up episode of the franchise.
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