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Re: Battleship: Spoilers, Discuss, Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

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Who needs this when Syfy has American Warships on tonight. At least they're timely with their mockbusters.
Mario Van Peebles stars...Sonny Spoon's gonna get his rappin' POSSE and go New Jack City on those aliens.

Edit: I watched most that and have to say that it was terrible not even in fun-terrible way. Carl Weathers spends most of the movie in a Ramada Inn convention room talking to some guy with a bad fake accent.

Van Peebles represents the fine standards of the US Navy by have an affair with an officer under his command.

US stealth bombers and Chinese jet use the same cockpit and helmet designs.

When they said they were sending mothballed ships and museum aircraft to aid the Iowa, I almost expected Snoopy on his flying "Sopwith Camel" doghouse to arrive.

I think one minute of BATTLESHIP footage had 10 times the budget of American Warships.
Well, at least the junior officer was hot (she was Gannett on ENT once upon a time...).

What kills me was they were walking around on the deck next to the main guns while they were firing. Just walking around. In real life they'd be deafened and slammed flat with each shot. Do any of these people read a book?
To be fair, by Syfy/Asylum standards that was about the top of the heap. There seemed to be some effort put into the production and it moved along well. I even learned something, I didn't know about voice-operated phones.
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