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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Happy Endings is a good show, and Harmon is noted for being an asshole, so I'm not especially torn up over his departure -- but all the other writers that are leaving, too, have me a bit worried.
I was a worried yesterday but willing to give the new showrunners a chance. The montage at the end of Introduction to Finality clearly steered the course that the show should be heading in in season 4, and it was always possible that the new guys would seek out Harmon's guidance even if they were under no obligation to do so.

But then I learned that they were responsible for the US version of The IT Crowd, so now I want them publicly flogged and hanged. They took comedy gold, barely changed it at all, and somehow turned it into shit. Graham Linehan does not appear to be pleased, and the fact that they didn't contact him to seek his advice about the US adaptation of his show doesn't bode well for them seeking out Harmon's advice either.
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