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I thought RPM took place in the future, a few dacades from now.
RPM is an alternate universe, it's not in continuity with the other seasons. That was part of the Samurai team-up's plot.

It would have made sense if it was set in the future (maybe even a few hundred years) because we saw that in Time Force humanity seemed to live in big cities surrounded by wasteland, but the flashbacks in RPM were obviously on an early 21st century technology level so that's not believable. Putting RPM in another universe was the best choice.
There seems to be this perception out there that Clash of the Red Rangers making the events of RPM take place in an alternate dimension was some huge, earth-shaking change, but it wasn't, because those individuals who were involved with RPM - particularly the original showrunner, Eddie Guzelian, and long-time PR writer John Tellegen - made statements during the season's initial run indicating that it was meant to exist in its own, self-contained reality, so the only thing that Clash of the Red Rangers did was to explicitely confirm 'in-universe' what had already been in the minds of the PTB behind RPM.

There were certainly things about RPM's world that conformed to it being in the same continuity as the seasons that preceded it but in the far future (flashbacks aside), but there was nothing about it that explicitely mandated that it be.
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