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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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It's only in the past few weeks that it's started to get more surreal, and we've had Michael discover things in Green that he couldn't have known in Red, restoring that original ambiguity.
Ignoring the quasi-spoilers here (as indicated, Awake is three episodes into its UK run) the show started to unspool the two realities as soon as we begin to see scenes where Jason Isaacs character is not present, which we do in both dream worlds. That's a dramatic necessity, obviously, but the longer we stay away from the dreamer the more the idea that either reality is a dream is undermined.

And while the procedural aspect of the show is ho-hum, the family drama is similarly pedestrian. The basic premise remains the show's strong card (and consequently, probably the most fun scenes on a 'character-interaction' level are those of Isaacs and his two psychiatrists).
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