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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

51. The Incredible Hulk (B)

Wow, that's the longest I've gone without a movie in a good while. Blame all the TV and book-reading.

Anyway, in light of the success of The Avengers, I decided to at last revisit what now feels like the orphan of the Marvel Studios films, its reboot of The Incredible Hulk. My opinion of it pretty much what I remember thinking about it the first time around: it's a competent action movie (Marvel Studos' output, apart from Iron Man 2, always gets the basics right), with some decent character touches, but nothing exceptional. Norton is good as Bruce; Liv Tyler as Betty I actually like a lot, and she and Norton have some fun scenes together. William Hurt's Ross is a distinct downgrade from the more interesting character in Ang Lee's earlier film. Go-to villain Tim Roth is okay.

Oh, and Phil Dunphy is Leonard Samson, which is really funny in retrospect.

I'm watching this on Blu-ray, and the movie has some interesting deleted scenes. In particular, there's one with a General Ross monologue that I think really should have been in the film.

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